Anti scam-policy

Our site`s main concern is antiscam-policy that will secure our users from fraudulent that are so widespread in a dating world nowadays. We have heard much about scammers – the girls and not so frequent the guys who deceive their potential partners for a range of reasons. In such a way they earn money and make sometimes a great profit. Such people are the real garbage of any online dating site, so our aim is to protect the users from the treacherous 'online daters'.

Our site deserves to be called a brand of high quality but this status has been achieved with the great efforts paid by our devoted team. One of the issues that can be proud of is our reliable antiscam-policy the trust to which is quiet high.

Loveinchat website cooperates with many dating agencies that provide us with reliable information about girls who are to become our customers. We agree to register only those ladies whose aim is real and long-term relationships that can be fueled even in distance. However, these are not all criteria that are offered by our dating site. So, our service makes each female undergo special tests that will confirm that these girls are real and have serious intentions. That is why Loveinchat is the service that stands out from other Russian dating services by its reliability and save conditions of usage.

So, let’s consider our dating policy in details so that you can ascertain in Loveinchat`s reliability.

Girls` profile information is thoroughly checked

The girl`s profile is only verified in the case when their personal information is thoroughly checked and proved to be real. The ladies who are registered on our service have to answer a range of questions from the special questionnaires. Other Russian dating services demand from their users only the simplest info as gender, age or citizenship.

Calling a potential user

Russian and Ukrainian women are very popular among foreign men therefore a lot of scammers convert this popularity to own use, or in other words profit. It sometimes happens that the beautiful girl`s account is actually used by some mature married woman or even a tricky man. These dating scammers are real psychologists and can play various roles such as an innocent lady, a bitch or a proud supermodel. These are reasons for that we call each woman who decides to register on Loveinchat.

Skype check-ups are also important

One more advantage of our antiscam-policy is that our coworkers regularly call beautiful girls registered on Loveinchat in order to prevent fraudulent. If a lady does not have anything to conceal she will answer all the questions asked by us without any hesitation. The years of our works have proved that such a strategy is more than effective.

Some tips to avoid Russian bride scammers

Even if you have minor doubts in the girl`s honesty it is better to make sure that she is not fake. So, what are the main rules to remember?  The first and one of the most important tips is to see your lady in reality as soon as it is possible. You can ask her to communicate in webcam chat if site has one (Loveinchat has) or via Skype or other services that provide video calls.

It is also not advisable to send your lady any money before you ascertain in the fact that the woman of your heart is not a potential deceiver. Do not think that the longer you communicate with a lady the likelier she will appear to be and honest and reliable girl. Scammers are very passionate, so they can wait months or even more before asking you for material help. So, it is better to put everything in place in the shortest period of time, so that you won`t waste your precious time while communicating with a fake girl.

As you can see an effective antiscam-policy is one of the most important components of any Russian dating services. Loveinchat is a real example of a dating site that guarantees our users` safety and security while dating and building the relationships online. Use our service and you will get only the best results.

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