Real love – the story of Helen and Will

2016-05-25 16:29

Loveinchat is one of those dating sites that connect couples from around the world and the proof of it is a happy love story that began with the help of our Russian dating service. We were glad to receive such a positive feedback from Helena who was our subscriber before finding her real destiny on Loveinchat. Our administration received a very positive letter from this beautiful girl in which she decided to describe her love story in details.

Helen decided to describe this happy meeting from the very beginning. So, let`s acquainted with this touching story together:

It was summer when I decided to register on a Russian dating service. I contemplated what dating site to choose for a long time. But then I met my friend who recommended me Loveinchat. The problem was solved. From the first day of registration I began to receive a lot of letters from cute and handsome foreigners, but I did not see my soulmate in any of them. My heart rate did not become quicker when I communicated with them.

After a couple of week I was written by Will and it was this sparkle that can only appear between people, who really like each other. We communicated with him via chat at first, but the curiosity was so strong that after a couple of days we decided to speak to each other via Skype. My expectations were not betrays as Will looked gorgeous, like a real man. We communicated with him for more than two hours and nobody of us wanted to end this conversation…

Then we decided to organize our real life meeting and began to planning it earlier than it was even possible. Will came up with a great idea: my birthday was in one month and he wanted to be with me on this special day of my life. I was on the top of the world when he told me that he had already bought a ticket.

Our first meeting was very romantic and Will has prepared a great present for me with which I was shocked. Have you guessed it? Yes, it was a gorgeous engagement ring. I was confused but did not dare to refuse him, though it was our first meeting in reality.

The wedding preparation began. It was the happiest time of my life because I was so in love with this handsome British guy. He was so attentive, helpful, and supportive and I felt with him safely. I flied to London with Will and then we invited my parents to come to us, because the preparing to wedding celebration was already completed.

Finally, the day of wedding came. There were hundreds of people and I got acquainted with all Will’s friends and relatives. They were very surprised that both of us made such a serious decision so quickly and many of them were skeptical concerning this issue. I will never forget the joke that Will said me while we were sitting at the festive table and looking at this cheerful crowd of guests. He admitted that Loveinchat was the best investment that he had made in his life ‘It was the best 60 odd dollars I have ever spent.

Now we have been married for 3 years and I know what marital happiness means. We have never had any serious quarrels and are grateful to this great Russian dating service, which helped us to find each other. The miracles can happen and our meeting is one of them.

I want to encourage all the members of Loveinchat to continue their search for love as these efforts and time will be rewarded with a real happiness and romantic love story.

Online daters want to find their love, but many are not risky enough to do it. For example, many girls are afraid of moving abroad to live with their foreign grooms together. But as my experience shows, such fears are groundless and the key issue is hope for the best possible results. Falling in love with a special person who treasures you just as you are is the greatest adventure and reward.’

So, if you’re in doubt do these international dating sites or Russian brides sites work, remember Loveinchat has a great many of such successful romantic stories told by couples who met each other with the help of our website. And we are proud of the fact that our work can change people` life and future for better!

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