She does not answer you... Do not panic, read this article

2016-06-15 16:06

While Russian online dating it often happens that a girl stops writing without any reason vivid to you. In your head there are thousands of thoughts then. Why has she stopped to write to me? Have I done something wrong? Have I offended her with one of my messages? These suspicions do not allow you to lead the style of life to which you were accustomed before.

So, what should a man do, when a beautiful girl, with whom he communicated, suddenly disappears from his horizon and stops to answer his messages? This article will tell you things to know about Russian brides and everything you need to resolve this issue successfully without harming your as well as a lady`s feelings.

The basic tip to consider

The first step that should be made by you is to write her a message with the following question: “Hello, I have not received any response from you. Did you get my previous letter?” Why do you need to ask such a question? The main reason is that while Russian online dating, many users experience the problems with Internet connection that is why a lot of messages do not come because of technical problems. There were cases when users received messages that had been sent by girls two or even three months ago. So, maybe the reason is not in you, but in a poor service. Check this issue at once and the situation will be cleared in the shortest period of time.

Apologize for offending her

One of the most frequent reasons, why she has not sent you a response yet, is that you have offended her somehow. You may not even realize that you have done it actually. But the Russians have their own opinion on what is good and what’s not, their logic is unpredictable and that you consider being an innocent joke can offend her. She may also misunderstand some of your letters, so it is better to make the situation clear as soon as possible. Such misunderstanding can lead to some unpleasant situations. Ask her concerning this issue and apologize in case you have offended her in some way.

Use other services to contact the lady

One more reason, why she does not answer your letters, is that she may have lost her password for the account on a dating site or her profile was blocked unexpectedly. Don’t think something is wrong with her. It is better to check this issue twice before giving up the attempts to communicate with this beautiful lady further. So, if you know her other contacts like Skype, e-mail or account on some social networks, try to write her a letter using this additional channels. You can get the additional contacts of the girl, you are interested in, while turning to the administration of a dating site you are using.

Try to contact her one more time in a week

Consider the other reasons of her unwillingness to write to you. May be she get ill unexpectedly or a girl has some problems and she has not time to login in her account to answer your letters. Send her a message in a week and one more time in two weeks. If you do not receive any answer after it, be sure that this lady does not want to communicate with you anymore. Leave her alone and proceed in your search for other candidates.

Do not get angry if you attempts are in vain

If your messages to her are not positive and delicate enough, be sure that you are unlikely to receive the next note from her. So, your task is to show a lady that you are sincerely interested in her and want to continue this communication because of your feelings. Be passionate and polite and she will likely to reconsider her decision to answer your passionate letters.

Try to wear her shoes for a moment

Imagine that you are this girl and you are being bombarded with a great number of messages. Then try to go back and analyze what wrong you have done. This process of analyzing the situation will give you a hint why she is silent for such a long time. Be reasonable and switch on your brain, it will definitely help you to resolve this issue.

While Russian online dating some misunderstandings may appear. Be ready for it and be ready to solve these problems in a reasonable way. In this case you are likely to get positive and desirable results. One more important thing to remember: do not concentrate on one girl (even if you like her so much), continue your search and you destiny will find you. Good luck!

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