Facebook can ruin online relationships that have just begun

2016-06-01 15:37

The common reaction of each man who begins to communicate with a cute girl on a dating site is to ask her whether she has Facebook account, so that you can become friends on this social network. You are interested in looking at her other photos, at her friends, posts etc. But have you thought that it is quite a serious step that should be made when you become sure that this girl is really your potential Russian bride.

Why not to add your Russian girlfriend to your friends on Facebook? Is it a big deal? Yes, it is. And such a situation is a paradox of modern world because each person has many Facebook`s friends whom she or he hardly know, but using it with a romantic purposes is not advisable. Let`s analyze the main reasons, why you should wait to start communicating with your potential Russian bride at Facebook or other social networks.

You have not dated her in reality yet

Being a couple means that you will share everything together: your thoughts, aims, goals, view on life, expectations. While communicating online you cannot look deep into your Russian match`s soul and you are not able to create this intimacy that evokes during real life interaction. This early stage of dating is the most hesitant one and you cannot predict what will happen next. Communicating online you can regulate what amount and kind of your personal information this beautiful Russian lady is allowed to know and so does she. Any kind of social network will ruin all the boundaries as you will get this delicate “need to know” dynamic.

Dating other people will be more awkward

Even if you are really interested in the girl you are communicating with on a dating site, probably you will have some other potential partner the contact with whom you would like to support. Who knows may be this girl is not a lady you have looked for? You will able to understand it only after several real life dates. That is why it is important to have so to say “extra variant”, so that your search for a perfect match won`t be over after one romantic failure.

It is likely that you as well as your potential Russian bride will friend each other on Facebook and each update that will appear there you will accept as some cause to become jealous or suspicious. Did you catch the post that she goes dancing tonight? Now you will think that during this pastime she will likely to meet some guy and will spend the whole evening with him. Each of such posts will make you shadier and shadier, till you will become disillusioned with this cutie and decide to cease the communication with her… Probably, all these suspicions were groundless, but still the results of such online dating leave a lot to be desired

You will feel uncomfortable

If you become Facebook friends too early, you will likely to think twice before posting something on you page or adding some girls to your friends. You will be afraid of disappointing your potential Russian bride and give her a reason to dislike you.  While being in a couple it is much easier to clear some situations connected with social networks. She can ask you: “Who is this girl whom you added today to your friends” and the answer will follow “She is my classmate whom I have not seen for 5 years”. That is all; the conflict is resolved even before it was begun. On the early stages of the relationships a girl as well as you will not be brave enough to ask such questions, but the imagination will develop new and new unpleasant prospects that will ruin all you have achieved at the moment.

All the reasons why it is inappropriate to start communicating on Facebook, with a girl you have just met on a Russian dating site, are difficult to list. But these three are enough to understand that moving to social networks on the early stages of online dating is more than unreasonable. Do not hurry with this issue and the chances to develop online communication into something more serious will increase tremendously.

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